Fuck Yeah The Wire


The Wire - Bubbles speaks out about Sherrod. Redemption is possible, as happens to Bubbles over the 60 episodes.

Quite how Andre Royo, or for that matter anyone in the Wire, failed to ever win an Emmy, shows the absurdity of TV award ceremonies.

I’ve got a bounty on my head man. Five figures! If I’d known I’d be sharing quarters with all these boys - I’d probably wouldn’t have robbed so many of them.
I think this could catch on as a meme, no? SHEEEEEEEEIT

I think this could catch on as a meme, no? SHEEEEEEEEIT

Here’s some work for ya

We all know how much alike The Wire and Pokemon are. Sometimes, the line between the two shows is blurred. Remember, for instance, how Cheese Wagstaff gets into a dog fight with his Growlithe? Here’s a screengrab, you infidel. So anyway, I know we can probably name all 150 Pokemon, but can we name 150 characters from The Wire (the person who names the 150th gets a kiss from Fatima or something, but do not look for their names on the internet)?

5 seasons of The Wire in 5 minutes a 5-minute rap. Warning: spoilers ahead! If you have not seen the whole show, don’t watch the whole video. Season 2 part starts at 01:05, season 3 part starts at 02:05, season 4 part starts at 03:05, and season 5 part starts at 04:05.

Hello, it’s me, Rodrigo. I’m in charge of this place now since I sent Fatima to work at Harbor Patrol. I would like to believe that I’ll be bringing updates more often than she did, but who am I kidding? I have seen the whole show, though, so we’re in better hands now, kids.


thanks glenn!


thanks glenn!

Have you seen this deal?


I’m just gonna put this here.